A very warm and rosy welcome...

I'm Nurliza, owner and the floral designer of my company, Sofia Ryan Limited. My company is based in Lancashire, England. Sofia Ryan is named after my twins. My two miracles.

Roses. There is just something about the endless layers of beautiful petals. They have no pollen and therefore no sneezing! No pollen no allergy ! Beautiful on their own or with foliage. I love them just on their own. They show their true beauty, strong and beautiful. 

I grew up with so many beautiful memories from my Grandmother. I would watch her plant and talked to the flowers. She had so much love for her plants and flowers. I learnt so much from from my grandmother. She always said to me if we are kind to plants and flowers, they will give you back beautiful things in return.

It gives me the high when I see others happy through giving. Be it plants, chocolates, candles, flowers, anything. It's the gift of love. The time and the thoughts that were put towards it. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It is, of course, the thought that counts.

I try to be the best I can be and teach my children the same. To live each day with kindness, empathy and to always try and see the good in everyone. I hope one day, they will continue to bring happiness to others by creating bespoke arrangements that will touch any heart that sees it. Flowers have a way of saying something without saying anything at all. The smile and the gratitude that one gets whether you are at the giving or receiving end is just an amazing feeling.

I hope you will love your bespoke designs and remember that flowers make you smile, happy and sad altogether. It is how it made you feel when you give and when you receive. 

A feeling you will always remember. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. 

Lots of love ,
Nurliza Shaw.